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Me Pascal Peuvrel, attorney at law

Me Pascal Peuvrel holds a Master’s degree in private law delivered bi the university of Metz in 1991. In 1993 he obtains a « Diplôme d’étude supérieures spécialisées » (D.E.S.S.) certificate of Aptitude for Business Administration issued by the Institute of Business Administration of Metz.

Me Pascal Peuvrel has been a lawyer at the Luxembourg Bar since 1993.

In 2000, he opened his own law firm in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie ; in 2006, he founded the law firm PEUVREL & CAYPHAS in Luxembourg, in association with Me Alexandre CAYPHAS ; in 2018 he created the law firm PEUVREL JURISLUX, on boulevard de la Pétrusse, in Luxembourg.

Specializing on labour law, he mainly officiates in the field of litigation.

Me Pascal Peuvrel has been president of the association of the Association des Frontaliers au Luxembourg (A.F.A.L.) since 1998 and member of the Special Permanent Commission for Border Crossers, attached to the National Council for Foreigners.